Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friendship ^^ ~ Blog Challenge Day 9

~ Friendship is the colour of your life
It leads you to every other aspects of life ~

It has always been hard for me to mix with people. I have the kind of experiences that made me feel like that. Mostly when I was in primary school but of course life won’t stay the same, so here I am now feeling excited to write more on this topic.

When it comes to friendship, I try not to get too attached to only one group of friend. I mean, won’t it be nice if you can be everybody’s friend? I’m close to my girls here in IP but I also tried to get along with everyone. It’s always a wonderful feeling when you get to see your friends smile without any worries. For me, friends are your family when you’re far from home. So it’s necessary to take care of their feeling without sacrificing your own. That’s one of my lessons so far.

Whenever I’m with my friends, I tend to give my attentions to them alone. Things are like this for me, I get lost in the state I’m currently in. Therefore, when I’m in IP, I rarely try to connect to my friends in my hometown. When I’m back in my hometown, it’s the other way around. I prefer to communicate face to face, though it’s rather hard when it becomes too emotional. It’s not only me right? I have trouble in saying things directly at others. I’d rather write and let them guess. Maybe that’s my weakness as a friend, but knows that I’ll try to be a good friend. I’ll try to make you feel like you are my friend, just like what they did to me ^^

Dear you and you and you and you
Thank you for being my friend
Know that even if places and commitments may separate us
You’ll always be in my heart, in my memory
For the time being, let’s make some memories while we’re still together

God bless you my friends :)


Juhainie zue said...

you made me feel a little emotional when you mentioned about 'make some memories'..one day..we'll be living far and far away from them..

Nurul Syafiqah said...

same goes. I rarely contacted my old friends here, only when I am home. Maybe everyone does that.