Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Foods!!! ~ Blog Challenge Day 17

~The definition of good food is endless~

 Even chefs have different taste from the other chefs.
 But I believe that no matter how you describe what you call foods, you'll always say that your mom's cooks are the best. For me, both of my parents cook quite well. Their cooking can always make me drool. Last holiday I pushed my father to cook steamed tilapia fish for me. He rarely cook now so that's why. ehehe...

When it comes to favourite, I guess I don't have much but there are foods that I constantly have.
As a Malaysian, I love nasi lemak. As a Sabahan, I love hinava.
There's this food that I usually have only on Sunday.
I eat rice almost daily, does that make it my favourite? Oh joking. haha. 
Typical Asian eat rice for like everyday.
okay now I feel like I'm blabbing too much

I know that this kind of post is better with pictures but I don't think the ones in my mind is appropriate here *winkwink*

Before I write more nonsense I guess I better put an end to this topic so bye ~

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Nurul Syafiqah said...

Home food is love mixed with happiness :D