Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I love -places-? ~ Blog Challenge Day 18

Its kind of ironic when I can say that I love this particular place, but can't give any reason why. I know, there must be something, I just can't think of any yet. 
I guess, what make a place my favourite is the feeling it can offer to me. If that's how it goes, then my favourite places are my home, my room at hostel and the little church near campus. 

Of course, all of us love being home. No matter what age we are. The feeling of being home is just so comfortable and secure. Its always nice to be at home where I can be sure that no one will hurt me. I'm in the hand of people I trust the most. The definition of home might be different for some people, but the kind of feeling it gives is still the same. I am blessed to have a place to go back to when holiday arrives. In my dictionary, home is a synonym of family. I believe that it's like that for everyone :)

~My room at hostel~
My room is located on the second floor, positioned at the corner of the building. Kind of isolated I must say. Even more now because people on my floor are moving to the first floor. Comfort and calm is the weather of my room. Sometimes, the weather went bad too. It's the only place where I feel secure and it's the only place where I feel 'free', because it's my room. My personal room in campus. While the other enjoy having another companion with them, I prefer owning the room alone. Well, I meet enough people throughout the day, I want some times for me alone too. It's necessary for me. One other thing I love about my room is the view from the windows. I can see the faded hills and the yin yang roundabout (that's what I like to call it). 
They are, for me, pretty. 

~The little church~
There's something about this place that I can't explain. I just simply love this place. Maybe I fell in love with the warmth it gives. It draws me away from my schedule in campus and make me feel homey when I'm actually far far away from home. I found the route I've been looking for at all this time, at this place. It took me awhile to realize how He worked but His angels are around me, helping and guiding me to stay in the route that I've decided to take.

I guess that is all. Maybe not but that's all I can share for now ^^

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