Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Heart Wrenching Movie ~ Blog Challenge Day 6

As I'm not a movie maniac, I don't know a lot of movies like my friends. Therefore, I don't have enough movies to refer to. I have a habit of waiting until people around me to cool down about the movies that they're talking about before watching them. But I among the movies that I've watched there are some that captured my heart.

~Crazy Little Thing Called Love~
Yeap, that's the movie. It had been in my laptop for one year before I finally decided to watch it, and it was because I couldn't sleep. The reason I chose this movie is I really cried. I mean the tears come naturally. There are some movies that I cried watching because I was in need to let go something.
When I watch this movie, I was totally calm. The journey started with a smile, then laughter, then finally the tears.

~Maybe the big question here is what made me cry?~
I cried watching the part when the boy's feeling was finally revealed. When I see that the girl failed to see the reason he smiled. Ohhh, I don't know how to describe that. It is said in the description that this movie is based on everyone's true story...and yeah I can totally relate to that *sigh* that very night I was remembered of the story I tried to hide from me.

This is not the only movie that made me cry, but it feels right to share this one. So if you haven't watch this movie, go, google it.

Until the next challenge, bye ^^


Nurul Syafiqah said...

you talking about that movie :') makes me miss falling in love.

Claire said...

I know echa :')

Juhainie zue said...

I love this movie too, like seriously..
and sometime I hate to love it...

Dephnie Dewi said...

I cried too :)

wednesdayxo said...

My favouritaaaa~ let's cross our fingers for the sequel :)