Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little bit of everything

Writing very early in the morning. a few hours, I'll be on the plane and be brought home. This is my very first time staying just one more day before going home. I mean alone. I haven't been feeling great about it, because I see my friends leave one by one. Guess I was too used to rushing home. After lecture, I'll rush to the hostel, I'll rush making the last minute packing, I'll rush getting down the stairs, I'll rush getting to the airport. But this time I don't have to do that. I have a lot of times. A lot of times, to think, to reflect everything. 

...and lately
My hair has grown longer. By that I mean my bangs. I haven't let it grow longer lately. 
The other day I decided to pull my hair back and wear a ponytail. A little conversation on hair happened. So when I got back to hostel, I looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed the baby hair on my hairline. When was the last time I had these? I asked myself. I kind of forgotten how they look like in the early stage of their life. Slightly waved. The way I learned to love it as a child. That brings back memory, when I was trying to grow my hair. I remember I said to never let my hair down. It'll always be in ponytail but now I'm not even good in tying my own hair. 

...feeling kinda sad to leave this place now
Maybe because life has been to good to me lately. But I still want to go home. A lot of things happened in last few months. I don't even have the right word to describe them. The ups and downs are higher and lower than the usual. But of course, the ones that make me smile are the permanent ones in my heart. It's all about time, that one period you feel nothing at all but in the end you learn that you learned loving all those things. 

I followed a blog challenge recently. It was a great experience as it really helped me in opening up my minds. I started to think about the things that I don't even bother before. I almost gave up the other day. I felt like I told too much. But someone had encouraged to keep writing so thanks to her. I finished it. 

I can't wait to get home. So much things to be done but I'll take it positively. 
Happy holiday ^^


Maho said...

I used to wear pony tails to every occasion, I never let my hair open because I felt awkward with it haha. But now things have changed, I guess. And sure, you have to look forward of coming home again. Because home is also where your heart is.

Nice blog btw.

♥ Maho

Claire said...

Thank you :)

Wednesday JE. said...

happy holiday mandyy mwahh!