Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Her Engagement Day

...because I couldn't focus in finishing my assignments, I think I better find a good excuse. So here I am. 
This year I had the chance to celebrate Raya with my cousins. I missed it last year but I had no regret because I was joining SYD-3.
This year's Raya was not only Raya for us, but it was also our head cousin's engagement! We were all so excited for her. I guess we're all excited since she is the first among us to get engaged. Her engagement was kinda my experiment. I have to start learning so why don't I start with the closest ones to me right?

The last picture is definitely my favourite. I love the way her happiness reflected through her smile.
 If you notice, the ketupat is quite small. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find a wide enough leaf to make a normal sized ketupat so I thought why don't I give it a try. Worth it, it looked cute enough in my eyes. Plus, it was my first time doing it. muehehe.
There, I finally wrote something.
Now I better get back to my assignments. Thank you for reading ^^


Wednesday JE. said...

I can't do my assgnmnt T.T

Claire said...

hmmhmm. same here. need motivation =(

Wednesday JE. said...

at least ko sd buat T___T saya bulumm~