Friday, September 6, 2013

Reaching out from the mess

I really thought that I can hold myself from writing anything in here before I finish all of my assignments but now here I am writing. 

I'm clueless about my own state right now
I don't know if I'm in air, or liquid or solid state right now.
Today in class we were asked to make acrostic poem using our own names
I wrote mine and I thought that it's clear that I'm already in Christmas mood
I can't wait to see all my relatives.

Temptation and promises
I broke one just now by writing this entry
I almost broke it yesterday when I picked up a novel
and I know that it will never work with crochet
I just hope that I'm not doing too bad.

A pink letter hung on my dashboard
A glance of it each morning
Reminds me of those other things I wish to achieve in the future
As if she's saying that I need to work hard today
So that I'll get closer to them each day.

...I'll bury myself in these...
only after I finish all of my work

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