Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's not my fault

Sorry because I have to say I don't know
Sorry because I have to say I never heard of it
Sorry because I have to say I never tried it
Sorry because I have to say go on, I'll just watch
For I got used to it since my childhood
For that were the words I often say since my younger age
For I'm not not the kind of girl who were accepted within her friends
That made a girl in my own world
I have my own imagination before I go to sleep
Sometimes imagined that next day they'll come and ask me to play
Then I'll sleep with a smile
But the next day
They do not even realize that I was there
And I keep on living in my imagination
When I say I don't know
You say that I'm a city girl
Tell you what
The place I lived wasn't even a city
It's a small town
How easy for you to throw that words at me
It hurt can't you see it from my face?
Oh I forgot...
I've got too used at that kinda words
My face give no expressions anymore
My tears are now stubborn
My eyes tired of crying
It's not my fault
And I won't say it's yours or hers or them
It's not my fault!

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