Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He is ours

It was dark outside
She was still talking to her friend
A long time no see friend
I was there pretending wasn't listening
Then they started talking about the family
suddenly they talked about something
At that time
I wish that I really didn't hear anything
I try a poker face
Seems like it worked
She didn't ask me anything
Maybe she thought that I understand
Yes, I understand
My feeling was indescribable
His faces since he was a toddler until he is a big boy
Filled my heart
How I really like to see him every holiday
How I like to hear about him from his sister
Always tickle our heart 
Whenever he is smiling
I tried 
I tried to forget what I heard
But I'll never forget this one
Yet, there's something that I'm sure
He is ours
I remember him since the first time my brain was able to keep memories
He, with him red lips
Running to the car
Chasing for his mummy
I was laughing
He was so cute
And now he is so handsome
He is ours 
We are the ones who loved him since he was little
We've been with him when he was growing up
We'll always be with him
He is ours
No one can ever take him from us
He is ours

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