Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RE:RE:RE:RE: THE UNSPOKEN ~ 1. This Feeling that I'm loving, Yet the after that I'm scared of

Done your homework, eh? Ha, I know you're gonna say like that! And I agree about the A.C.C.U.T.E part! I'm always annoyed by that. So geli to see, kan! huahaha, as long as they don't do the duck face.

Well, is he the one I'm crushing on? No, not him. But he I do like him playing the guitar!He played more than words, omg! Very fascinating! hee hee
He's more like a brother to me...cheh, I mean more like a younger brother.
One of the things here that I really like is, we are all interested in music!

what we use to get to St. Paul

We went to St. Paul in Balung recently. Whoa I really like the route! We pass through the oil palm factory and palm orchad! And the road was grabel...hahahaha. I really like that! ngahehehehe, I think there're only two persons who like the palm smell. hehehe...EPIC <---my friend said that.

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