Saturday, July 9, 2011

Re:Re:This feeling that I'm loving, Yet the after that I'm scared of

Found is fb? Do your comparison then. Huahaha!
I'll let it happen naturally...Whose that guy's name?  The nature guy? Still stuck like glue eh? How come o! Wait, you mean the guy whose name start from the 18th letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet? 
I won't watch that mv, youtube forbidden here =.=...and because I can expect how's the video look like. eww! 

Dunno what else to say, since I don't think I want to write all of the details here...So tunggulah hari raya kio! Huahahaha! 
But I gotta tell you something, we are very one Malaysia here! And sometime I feel like we're here to learn how to teach bahasa, (so baku ba our language!) And one of most fun part here is, when it comes to literature everyone's exited about it! Go and read 'what lips my lips have kissed' by Edna St. Vincent Millay. You'll like or you'll dislike it. 

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