Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It was Teary

Chatting with the first one
And this time it was ok
No awkwardness
Just like six years ago
It was a sigh of relief
We finally broke the ices
That suddenly built up between us
And that seems too high and thick to be broken
But we made it...finally
And to be honest with him
Was something that I wanted for a long time
It was teary
To remember all conversations we had
To remember how the other classmates look at us
To remember how the ices formed
To remember the vanished letter
To remember how I smile with him in my mind, trying to sleep
To remember how sometimes I get exited to go to school because of him
To remember how I used to look at the basketball court every time we passed school, trying to look for him in his red t shirt
How I wish I can go back in time to fix the things that happened between us
Thanks God
For come cleaning us this very early in the morning

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