Thursday, July 14, 2011

I haven't declare it as love yet

Yes, I am being too careful
After the breaks up I've seen
After the experiences I experienced
After the nights of tears that I've gone through
As I sing myself to sleep at night
I can't help myself but to remember them
The guys I thought I've fallen in love with
I just realized that it was not that kind of love
I realized that it was just a crush
A big crush
And admire
But they're still in my heart
I shall never forget who I have fallen in love with
The first one
Though we never been together, I believe that our heart did
And the crushes
They made my life sweeter
Even though they may have no idea about it
Maybe this is my strength
I've hold my words that I made that evening
It was raining and I promised myself
To never be in relationship before I finish school
Yes, I finished school on 13th December 2011
The day I finished my last SPM paper
I was teary
I've got too used to school life
The homework
The scolding
The friends
The place I've experienced my first love
I know that I am going through the same process
But this time I have experiences
Maybe they're still not enough
But I know this time I have friends who are willing to give their advises
And support me in whatever I do
Maybe this time
It's just another crush too
So I'll just wait see

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