Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Friends

Known you for only two month plus
But it feels like we've known each other for years
A lot of similarities
A lot of differences
Yet we are still together
You are there when we laugh like there's no tomorrow
You are there when I'm longing for my family
You are there when I need to cry myself out
You are there when I'm feeling scary
And you always concerns about me
And you never says no when I need help
I made mistakes and you helped me to correct them
You tells me every single things I have no idea about
Your smiles always made my days
I think of you more than as a friend
You do annoys me
You makes me want to hug you as if you're a giant teddy bear
Looking at you reminds of my family
Looking at you makes me think 'have we met before?'

But the most important things...
You treats me the way you want
You accepts me the way I am
You made me feel at home
And you made me smile
A true smile

Sorry for any discomforts I may had caused
And I hope that we'll be friends forever

Happy Friendship Day !

For All of my TESLian Buddies!


Echa said...

Lovelyyyy.It touched my heart, mandy.Thank u for this beautiful poem.

Max Elity said...

Duiiii bh c mandy......hehhe

Claire said...

echa: your welcome and thank you too.

max: why?'s how I express my emotion to you guys.

Dali sahari wangka said...

wow ayat ko...