Monday, August 22, 2011


Out of the poetic mode today >.^

So, what's up? I've been away from home for two months and will be back this Friday. Yeah, Keningau I'm coming. Kinda tired of living here without family but I still have five years here. Tawau is best ba, got it's own attraction, but i haven't figured it out yet. But what I'm sure is I can say that I love Tawau. But Keningau is still in my heart.
Let see, what are the must do in Keningau?
(I do not sequence these based on my priority)
1. go to pasar malam.
2. go to beloved hiap
3. go to keningau mall n have my favourite bubble tea
4. Play with the kancil...huu..wonder if can still drive it
5. go to church...where my heart is the calmest
6. of course home...miss my bed and cabinet already...
7.go to cosway...haha...gonna borong  a few things there
what else...a lot actually but it will took me maybe forever...hahaha

Oh yeah, and HARI RAYA is round the corner!
mean that I'm going Ranau! yeah
can't wait for the 3 hours journey with daddy as the driver.
and a whole night without sleep with my cousins ...chit chatting about current things happening and rockin' the night with fireworks..if we have them this year..miahaha
one thing that I'm sure...a ton of pictures just like always...
lemang, ketupat, rendang...oh my...tapun tapun

so yeah
selamat hari raya everyone and for my classmate who going back too
have a safe journey okey...ciao!

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