Monday, August 8, 2011

It changed into hatred, but somehow I can still feel love

Yesterday morning
It was Sunday
In the church
I saw you when I turn back 
You weren't looking
And I said to myself
Oh, It's him 
The Eucharist ends for the day
And I made my bow for Him
I walked with my friends towards you and the other
And at that time
I saw you make your way
And you wore your white shirt
There's a string in my heart 
Starting to make a sound
I tried so hard to hide the sound
I did it
But maybe my face didn't
You were the only one I'm thinking about at that time
Suddenly felt sorry for how I treated your friend yesterday
Really sorry for didn't pay attention at what he was saying
Though it was a simple "hi"
 Yet till now I still think of you more 

When you walked into the class just now
Once again the string sings
A melody that might 
Woken up the feeling that I buried

It changed into hatred, but somehow I can feel love
Maybe it just a game of the heart
That I have to accept
For I can't seem to control my own heart anymore
Yet I will try
And I believe that I can

Dear you
Please be you
You that I know earlier

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