Sunday, May 1, 2011

Once Upon a Marigold

I just finished read this book. Notice my status in fb that sound like this?: Be alarmed when you're reading. I spent my afternoon reading this book and was really into it. Suddenly it rained and I didn't even notice it. The clothes are still outside! I ran outside to collect the clothes and smile naughtily. My, I never thought this would happened. That time I realized I need to keep alarmed even when the book is so exciting.

This book is from the library and my sister was the one who borrowed this. When I was searching for the images of this book, I found this...

there's a sequel....
I'm not really shocked with that, everyone can predict it from the lines of the last page of this book. So I gotta keep an eye for it.

p.s. Leo, now I know how you're feeling

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