Monday, May 23, 2011

Mandy's talk: Reality show

So this time I'll talk about reality shows.

I've seen people keep wanting to join AF. For me if you have talent, your voice is good, you have the package, why not? But one thing that always annoys me, if they fail to get in they'll be too upset as if they don't have reason to live anymore! I think it's still okay here but I've seen in other places where people expressed their disappointment in negative way. Hey, you think by throwing those rude words the judges will call you back in and declare you as a participant? No! You're warning other people that you're not someone to be friend with. (sorry, I think I'm so in this)

Furthermore, you don't need that to show your talent! Be creative! There's youtube, blog, facebook! And you need to figure out what your talent meant to be done with. Sometimes talent are made to be shared with the world and sometimes it meant to stay with you. I mean like, to share with your family and friends. 
Think about it.

I think that is all I can say for now. Feels good to finally let them out.

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