Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hmm, so where is my next destination?
Most of my friends already in form 6.
I'm still finger crossing for the upcoming result this Saturday. I really hope for it!
I'm not really exited to go to Labuan, lainlah kalau pg enjoy!
I think I can have heart attack anytime =.=

Well, when my friends go to form 6, I was a little jealous.
It's not about the things they're going study.
It's about being with them again. To be their classmate again. To feel how school life is again.
Anyway, God decide that I should take different path.
And I can always take sneak peek on what they're up to!

mari saya share satu video yang saya jumpa di satu blog.

saya tidak tau pun kumpulan Gula gula tu. Search la sendiri. Tapi video ini sangat menarik hati saya. Adalah benda yang boleh digunapakai kan?

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