Friday, May 6, 2011

back to classic!

O.o what was that?
 I'm using a mechanical pencil and a piece of A4 paper to write this story that suddenly came into my mind. Not really classic eh? Lack of idea caused me to be out of this writing things for a while. Honestly I miss it so much but I don't want to write an unfinished story. I want to be sure that I have the ending before I start writing.

I'm writing a short story with very few characters. Short story right why do I need a lot of characters? I've decided the name of two main characters. Hey, maybe we can film it? Oh maybe animate it? Kill me, I'm being crazy.

The story has something to do with Alzheimer. Why Alzheimer? There are more kind of diseases out there. Things like memories had been bugging me. I questioned myself, will I remember my classmates' names? Will I remember my teachers? Will I remember those moments I had with my families? Will I remember what was my dream when I was little? I don't want to forget all that. It was a part of me. A big part of my life that taught me how to be me and how to survive in this world.

Anyway, I'm going to do research for Alzheimer and combine the information I already knew to help me with this story. I think I'll post it here or I'll send it to any newspaper. Which one? O.o...ceh, perasan!

I want to post it here so wait for it okey! n_n

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