Thursday, March 17, 2011

no tittle yet~inspired by Lyo's blog

She was remembering her childhood, the part that she don't really like to remember. Maybe she don't want them at all. Well, they were all the past but they still manage to pick the strings of your heart. No matter how long have it been, it can always trigger your heart again. She knows how to deal with them, I mean when it suddenly comes into her head.
When she was seven, she met a boy. They were just friend. Really just friend. But something happened. As a kid they don't really think about it. Everyone in their class know it. Actually they were the real reason the incident  happened.
When she was eight she moved to another school. Not because of what happened. After that she never heard anything from him. Everything just fine. Until one day when her sister was in the secondary school. She was closer to the senior and everyday she'll talk to me about almost everything that happened in school. There were few names her sister always mentioned. It went on for a while until I suddenly remember the boy's she knew before. His names was one of the names. First she just ignored it even though she knew that the possibilities that it is him was a lot. Until one day, she knows that it is him.
Then something happened? Her sister said that he'll move to her school because the subject he wanted is not available for him anymore.  Oh my, he really did! For a couple days only! And with unaccepted reason, for me. The first day he was at her school. They talked a little, and he didn't recognize her. The second day which was after two weeks holidays, they sat at the same table in a language class. They had quite much fun. He even recite the poem in 'pantun' style. She was like" oh my..."
So that were the only memory he made in the school she was in. After a few days he went to her sister and asked "Is your sister's name _____?" . So her sister said yes(she know it). He was so shocked and his finger touched his ____.

I was glued  to no.4 in Lyo's latest blog. But now I can say that I didn't take it as the first because honestly I never ever had that kind of feeling to him. Moreover now! cheh!

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