Monday, March 21, 2011

Chicken curry!

I just cook chicken curry!
It is one of my favourite dish and very popular at my place.

this is not the one that I cooked but they are look almost the same. Basically it looks like this. Found it at google image so search it there for more delicious picture!

What do I like about chicken curry so much?
The taste of course. It is so delicious and spicy. I don't eat spicy food a lot but for curry there's a little bit exception. I've ate the Indian curry from a restaurant owned by an Indian man. I just just can't keep eating. It was too spicy! Well, it  is their way and I salute them for daring to eat such a spicy food! It's curry anyway. Usually when I cook curry I won't put it too much so that my mouth can accept it.

So, recommend you to try it! :)

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