Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Harvest Moon ~FOMT (friends of mineral town) ~ 1

Don't know what to blog so I decided to write about the game I really love. As said in the title, it is Harvest Moon.

The game start with your character just come home from work and no one is waiting because she live alone. Then your character saw an advertisement about a beautiful farm. She become exited so she quit her job and go for it. But is not a bowl of cherries for her. She found out that the owner of the farm had died a long time ago and the farm is in really terrible condition and worse the advertise was a lie. Upset, she begin to hit the mayor(you'll get to choose what do you want to hit him with!)

As you can see, the farm is a total mess! It look easy but believe me it's harder than you think. All that upgrade, out of energy and other chores, phew...

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