Saturday, February 1, 2014

Old room New room

I don't mean it literally, the title I mean. Though I did move into a new room after taking such a long time to decide. 

Some things are meant to stay where they are. Like visiting an old room, and there they are, your collection of dolls or pictures from the old times or simply notebooks where you've jotted down your thoughts. Sometimes you bring them with you, out of the room into your new place. Sometimes it's wise to let them stay in the room. Bringing them will only take up the space in your new room. Plus, they won't be any help to you.
You can always come back and reminisce. But don't forget that you have a new room to be filled with other things. Something new, something even more meaningful. 
The same thing goes to our lives. Sometimes it is better to only remember something or someone in your heart. No need to bring them up everyday. You have to live in the moment. So that when the moment finally become a memory, you can look back with no regret.

I've been meaning to write this since that night. That night when I was inspired to write this. Now that I finally have some time to breathe, it is written. It is kind of a reminder to myself too since I tend to stray away from my path. 
Have a good day people :)


Ain Ahmad T said...

I love this one mandy :)

Claire said...

Thank you Ain :)

Joanne Lion said...

wow. this is so . . . i can't even find words to describe this but i love it ;)

Claire said...

thank you Lion :)