Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Challenge ~ 1st

I fell asleep last night so this post stayed in the draft section last night. But I still look forward to this challenge so here it is.
So this is the third picture I found last night. According to the challenge, the third picture is suppose to be the metaphor of my love life. I had some time to think and I'm beginning to see how they can be related.
You have to dare to open your eyes, and see the world for yourself. You can only truly appreciate what you have when you already see the true value of it. In this case, your special one. And nothing in this world is solid. So when things don't appear the way you want, don't let your disappointment stay for a long time. Have faith in everything and He will decide what is the best thing for you two.
So far, that's the only thing I can think of from the picture. I'll make more reflection on it later on :)

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Ain Ahmad T said...

nothng in this world is solid . tekena btul ni ayat sma sy uhuuu