Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's better to arrive in daylight

~It is now the end of another year again. The time when people look back and try to make sense of the things they did all year. And yes, I am looking back too ~

When I look back, I can say that this year was really something. I didn't know that I dare do the things that I did. I myself was shocked. I'm sorry to those who were terrified. I didn't mean to scare you girls. And I thought a lot about an idea, the one I've been keeping for a few years now. I look back again and suddenly it all make sense. The idea was really something. It was something that I think I am meant to do.

Oh, the title. It is something that I've been thinking of during the holiday. Something about a journey, something about the trees, covering the rest of the path. It's really something. Opened my heavy eyes, and made me move slower. Okay maybe not very slow but I feel something. Now I'm glad that things are quite clear right now.

Sometime it feels as if I'm floating right now. One moment I'm floating over here, and then the next moment I'm floating over there. There's something about floating. I know that I'm not going to float forever, so I'm thinking of ways to control the wind, so that it will bring me to the place that I wish for.

What I didn't know was, things could be very beautiful if we just let everything run by themselves. Not in a way that we let things 'run' us. We make plans, we dream of things. We make effort to make our dreams real but without ignoring every other things that could happen.

There are so many things that have knocked me down this year, but every time I look up, I'm blessed to always find a hand to help me get back on my feet.

And if I should describe my 2013...
I'd say it was a lovely lovely year :)


b0m^2 said...

~Lovely year~
And next year will be more blessed lovely year :)

Claire said...

Amen :)