Thursday, December 5, 2013

Even the skies aren't as free as it was

I once made a kite, out of green A4 papers, a few wooden sticks, and a length of thread. That was when I had the enthusiasm to do whatever things that crosses my mind. I must be six or something. Well, judging by the materials you would have guessed that it didn't look very good and it probably won't go very high. But it flew when I ran through the field. And I was just satisfied. 

I think I did try to make a few more after that but I have no solid memory about them. Well, I do remember something about the doodles on the papers and how it didn't work out but that's not my point here. 

When I was so much younger, when I look up outside, I see the sky. Just the sky, no high buildings, no electric poles, banners or whatsoever. And maybe I didn't realize soon enough but looking up is so calming. I love how blue it is. The various patterns of clouds that I like to see. I came to realize sometime maybe two or a year ago that I'm quite claustrophobic. Or maybe I'm very claustrophobic. I don't know how bad it is yet but now I know why I like the sky so much. It looks like a never ending dance floor.

I like being under the sky, roofless but nowadays it's all about privacy. Maybe it's not entirely true but you can't deny it right? All we think of when we are outside is to get back into the safety of our own chamber. Even at the village. I wasn't really excited when they started to plant electric poles before because things will be so much different. And it happened. I loved the view at the village years ago so much better.

But yeah, who am I to resist development. Maybe they are just happening too fast and I have left behind in catching up with them. After all, it's inevitable. I'm glad that I've seen things the way it was, and I will keep what I'm seeing now for the future when we reach the peak of development. 

The sky aren't as free as it was, but they're always up there ^^ 
All we need is faith ^^


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