Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reminiscing the good old days ...

~ had a lot of fun with her ~
we decided to write something tonight

We were laughing when we started talking about the good old days. We never get bored no matter how many times we repeat the stories. 
She told me hers, so now I'm writing about mine...
The one I think I remember the most

Afternoon. It was math class. I was in the same group with him. I don't remember what we were learning about but I remember that few seconds. 
The teacher told us to mark a few pages. Somehow I missed the pages she mentioned. So I asked him, who were sitting next to me. He could have just tell me which page to mark. Instead, 
he guided my hand. 
It happened too fast, with all the noises as a background, I blushed a little and said, thank you. Or was it something else?
I packed my things up and returned to my original place since math class was over. 
Until now, I still remember what I felt that afternoon. 
Though I actually took some times to figure that out. 

and there were other times ...

When we finally talk after the long silence.
I saw him kinda slowing down his pace. I too did the same. Probably because I didn't have to rush to the gate. 
Then, they were only us, walking together as if nothing had happened between us. 
If I still remember, we were talking something about modern ways of communication. ngehhh
Time slowed down. 
Yes, I actually felt that. 
I have never had the same feeling after that day. 
... and that was the last time we ever talked to each other. 
I mean having a real conversation. 

other times...oh sure!

The stairs...
When I almost fall from the stairs, but that was fun ^^
When I walk with her on my way back home, though we were only able to do that for a few months.
When I humiliate myself by.... oh I'll leave that alone. Too humiliating :p

I can't write all of them here, as I plan to keep some of it untold. 
Reminiscing the past is always my favourite thing to do. Often I do it alone, but it was more fun today, as I have someone to laugh with : )



hehe. :)) but i hate it when i want to write more but suddenly my mind goes blank. ee! we should think of other things to share lagi~~ ^^

Claire said...

itu laitu. banyak mau tulis tapi dalam kepala yg x buli share public. haha. ba, fikir lagi kita. ada lagi tu. ehehe

Joanne Lion said...

yeap :) banyak yang top secret! haha :P bahaya kalau mau share. think2. :))

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