Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here it is . . .

-Things has cool down so I guess I am able to write something-

          I never feel hurt. It was just awkward. You know when something you never saw coming is suddenly at your door. I admit, it happened before. And the way I acted is exactly the way I did back then. If I am correct, I lost my friendship with them. I said if because I myself is still unsure. 

          I wanted to say something but it didn't feel right. I hope I haven't lost this friendship yet because it was never easy. The fact that I've gone through this before doesn't make it easier for me to take it. It's something that I may not looking into now. Maybe not soon. Maybe not ever. Who knows. 

          I understand what you said. I ask for apology. I'm the one who should be asking for that.Though I have no right to say this, I hope this mess ends here and everything went back the way things were. My apology once again. 


b0m^2 said...

hi.. I'm stalking your site :3
Do stalk mine :)

Claire said...

will do :p
hahaha ^^