Monday, November 28, 2011

just an update ;)

I'm home for seven days now...and I really love being at home!
Well, I must confess that I really miss my friends though. It's a good thing because I'm coming back next year. That should be a motivation for me to come back right? :p
What am I up to?
First, I'm going to get my license. Aha, yeah, I must get it this holiday. I was suppose to have it in June but the registration day of Ipg was two days before the JPJ test. Now I'm driving illegally on my own in my neighborhood to get use to driving again.. Just now I phoned my tutor and he said I won't be able to take the test this week. Good, I'm haven't gain enough confident yet. Hopefully the lesson won't begin too early tomorrow so that I practice by myself first. I need to recall back some driving tricks. Seriously, it was no fun when the car suddenly stop at the junction and your mother pull the emergency light.
Well, practice make perfect right?
Second, oh haven't make it clear yet. I have lots of plan and I'm thinking which one should go first. Haha, I think I should be reading King Lear first. An interesting story to learn with beautiful classic words. Though I actually feel dizzy after every dialogue.
Dear cousins, please come here already!
No, I'm not bored I just miss you so much! Come and we'll go around this small town and share some jokes.   Or maybe just movie time with lots of junk foods.

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