Saturday, November 12, 2011


Updating my blog just because of the unique date . hhe
Well, what should I say about my life today?
It wasn't happening but it wasn't boring too.

So I said to myself, he is not manly enough
Well, who am I to say that?
He's not even close to me
Eh, what am I thinking?
Pfft...I'm sorry
Trying to get over someone by talking bad about them is too childish
ngeh, but what I just stated was not random
I did think carefully but not careful enough
I can see that the elowhveeie is blossoming between them
Never mind, though she knew that I had that kind of feeling to him before : p

Well, things can change later
They might be lover or not and it shouldn't be my business

Eh, after all I'm not eighteen yet
O.o....this is what happen when I blog without knowing the exact thing to write

...Just had conversation and I really like this word
~If I try I can fall into him but I don't want to.
hmmm....yeah. To think back it did happen to me years ago.
But then something in my mind told me that it was just a big crush
So I guess the one I'm having now is the same

I'm going to be here for five years and things will change
That boy might be more muscular #assaidbyinamorata
Him might be manlier
The *coughcough*might be more sociable
and...oh, I'm mentioning all of them...better stop.

The end of 11.11.11 entry

probably nothing

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