Thursday, October 27, 2011

In a mood of writing :)

So yeah
Tadaima! I'm home peeps!
Including today, I have 4 more days of holiday then I'll be going back to Tawau.
At the moment I'm trying to do all that I most likely won't be able to do at Tawau like, cooking, waking up late(not too late tho), taking a one hour bath(just hyperbole... hee), and...lots more
This morning I followed my mom to send my aunts and grandma back to the village. Supposed to be yesterday but the weather weren't so good. We left after sending my sister to kindergarten, it was around 8 a.m and arrive at 9.18 a.m..I slept all the way...muahaha! On our way home home I couldn't sleep at all, maybe because I already slept. hehe. But I'm pretty sure it was because of the nescafe I drank while I was there. I know I shouldn't drink it but was testing if my body can accept it. Still not, huh. I got dizzy all the way home and I think I nearly puke. hoho.
The only thing that keep me excited about going back to Tawau is our Tesl night, and oh, my friends too! I've been with them for four months I think we developed our friendship well. Hope it will stay like that. Can't to have girl time at 207 with the six of us monopoly. hahaha!
About the Tesl night, hopefully the night will be one of our best memory! and of course, one of the best thing when it's come to something like this is looking for dresses and accessories. Gosh! right now I have little problem with the dress and I hope it won't get bigger! fingerscross!
Anyway, I just hope that good things will happen and whatever happen after this, I hope I'll be able to face it.

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