Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bring me with you

As I took the seat
Your shadow took the place next to me
and I can see you laughing all you want
and my tears fall.
You weren't by my side
will never be by my side again
I can only see you smile
from the pictures you left.
I can only hear your voice
from the videos recorded.
We'll no more 'together'
I can only reminisce the time we spent together.
I'll be sleeping in these clothes you sew for me.
I'll take care of them
Because you won't be able to sew new ones.
No more watching you using your sewing machine.
No more running from the teachers
who would ask if you're sewing were still available.
And the love that you knew I have for you
I'll never be able to say face to face to you.

You're sleeping, right there beside your brother
Uncle, take care of her
She was always sick
and that's why she had to sleep.
She'll never wakes up again, I know
And I used to wish that she will take me along
would you let me?

I love you

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