Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello new life!

Yep, I'm currently at IPG Kampus Tawau!

Wow, it feels like dream. Still feel like dream.
A dream that I don't know how to stop
A dream that I don't know what my feelings for it yet.
So far I know there are exited, happy, for some reasons sad

ceh, berpoem pula! hee~

MPPB was very fun, it was tiring, but also very fun.
I miss MPPB! The day it over, I was like, It's over?
Oh my, how fast time flies.
I was in Group 4! There were 10 of us. 8 girls and 2 boys.
What? You don't believe it? It's real honey.
There are 50 of us, the new TESLian at IPG Kampus Tawau.
Only 10 of us are boys, ( or should I say men?) and 40 girls(or women?)

Group 4!
Azri@shnchan,Alex@penghulu, Mandy(me),Umi, Je wednesday,  lupa
Dini, Paya,Andrea, Beatrice
I was an amazing experience! I still can't forget the tepuk tepuk..hoho
and how Our group became the winer of the MPPB, I was like....we won? How?
Maybe it was the choral speaking and choir we presented. Aww I like that!
The kipas kipas and everything. How everything turns out well, (not perfect :p)
I hope that I'll be able to get the pictures from seniors! hehe


Sara Sayrah said...

Psst! Got cutie- pie there... haha... cute guy!

Claire said...

Cutie-Pie? huahahaha! I know which one

Sara Sayrah said...

oh good... haha... diam2... hahaha